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D.I.Y & Crafts: Kitchen Makeover

Whenever you hear the words ‘Kitchen renovation’, you immediately think ‘costly’! But it doesn’t have to be that way… It certainly wasn’t for me...

D.I.Y & Crafts

D.I.Y & Crafts: Industrial Table

Finding the right Kitchen table for us was tricky. Again, I’m going to use the ‘on a tight budget’ phrase, but it’s true. We simply couldn’t afford to buy a brand new dining set. The options we found in the cheaper high street stores were just that, cheap. And where as buying one from a 2nd hand store and up-cycling it, seemed like a good idea, the style of the tables we found, just weren’t right for the industrial looking kitchen we were trying to create. Just when I thought we’d exhausted all our options and we’d have to result to dinner party’s around our coffee table, I came across some unwanted scaffold boards and – lightbulb! Here’s how I created our industrial kitchen table...

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D.I.Y & Crafts: Super Simple Stool

I found these 2 small milking stools on eBay for £14 (for both) and thought they would make a great upcycle project. We were in desperate need of some bedside tables in our new home and I thought these would do the trick. We’re renovating our house at the moment, but our bedroom is probably the last room on the ‘to do’ list. The room currently has white walls and a dark grey carpet, so a Scandi theme would work perfectly. Here’s a step by step guide to how I turned ‘unwanted’ into ‘Scandi chic’...